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cover: Gratitude World
Alek Vila portrait

Gratitude World by Alek Vila


“I Love You”


“With My Eyes”





“Running With The Memories”

“You And I”

Gratitude World ©2012 Racing Heart Records

  • lyrics and music by Alek Vila
  • drums by Moises Padilla
  • bass by Jeff Eason
  • lead guitar by Jason Goessl (tracks 5, 7, 8, 10)
  • backing vocals by Karlie Markendorf (track 3)
  • strings arranged by Daniel J. Miller (tracks 4, 10)
  • string quartet: Chara Hokama, Melanie Wong,
    Meagan Peeples, Leanne Riddle (tracks 4, 10)
  • produced by Peter Fosso (+ add'l guitar on track 9)
  • recorded by Scott Ross, Elliot Bay Recording Co.
  • mastered by Steve Hall, Future Disc Systems

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