Beauty surrounds me like the air.
Beauty warms my body like the sun.
Beauty meets me with a
Smile on her face as she
Walks on by.

Beauty takes a break now and then.
Beauty changes like the
Colors in the light of day.
Beauty enters every day
Like a song.

Beauty invites me to believe.
Beauty suggests that we release.
Beauty reminds me to surrender my body to
All of my dreams,

And when one of us forgets,
Beauty happens so
Each of us can find ourselves

Beauty beckons us to play.
Beauty illuminates
All that we can see.
Beauty enters every day
Like a song.

lyrics by Alek Vila
©2012 Racing Heart Records

“I sketched out ‘Beauty’ while playing an acoustic guitar in the living room of my Seattle apartment in 2007, and the song was finished in my music rehearsal room where I was able to plug in an electric guitar.

What really helped my songwriting was joining friends in a song circle we affectionately called Small Pond. In this community I listened to and played along with music from many genres and decades. The song circle gave me the opportunity to try my ideas, to musically support other performers as they played a variety of music, and to take a lead once in a while.

The exposure to the variety of musical influences in the song circle helped make my writing more sophisticated. Small Pond was a wonderful test platform because I could see the reactions people had to their first listen. I could tell if I had something right, and I knew where it needed work.”

— Alek Vila

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vocals, guitars, and keyboards by Alek Vila
drums by Moises Padilla
bass by Jeff Eason
produced by Peter Fosso
recorded by Scott Ross, Elliot Bay Recording Co.
mastered by Steve Hall, Future Disc Systems

©2012 Racing Heart Records