I’m seeing myself in divine light.
I can do this for myself.
Here I am all filled with love, and
I see only beauty.

Our world is a paradise.
There’s beauty in our freedom of choice.
I live just how I want to live, and you can
Be just who you want to be.

I’ll make up my mind about
What I feel is right for me.
I’m grateful for your love and support, and I
Don’t worry if you can’t understand, ‘cause

I’ll be me. There
Ain’t nobody who can do that for me, and
You be you.
Live the life that’s made for you.

We don’t have to agree, and you
Don’t have to come around, but
We might be surprised by how much we can share if we’re
Looking for our common ground — yeah!

And I hope that when we cross paths,
We can both be love for each other,
Recognizing and inspiring, and
Taking good care of this world we’re admiring,

Happy to be ourselves, and
Happy to know each other. Oh,
Let it be that you and me
– We’ll always live in peace.

In harmony!
In harmony! Oh,
Let it be that you and me,
– We’ll always live in peace.

In harmony!
In harmony! Oh,
Let it be that you and me,
– We’ll always live in peace. Yeah,

Let it be that you and me,
– We’ll always live in peace.

lyrics by Alek Vila
©2012 Racing Heart Records

“In my Seattle song circle, ‘Harmony’ elicits more response from singers than any other song I have played. No surprise here – this song is about finding common ground and getting along better with humans.

Writing the song couldn’t have been easier. The lyrics flowed easily to the page in one continuous sitting, and the melody easily attached itself to the words.

Recording the song was more challenging. I stumbled on to The Beatles for inspiration when I was working with bassist Jeff Eason and was challenged to give him some direction. I asked him to play melodically and loosely, in a Paul McCartney style. The way Jeff did this was perfect.

When I recorded the electric guitar I looked to another Beatle. I had never tried to play guitar like George Harrison before, but I did think of him when I recorded my electric guitar solo.

The album recording includes backing vocals by Karlie Markendorf. She was familiar with the song because of her participation with the Small Pond song circle. It was a special treat to have her help.

Producer Peter Fosso gave me plenty of freedom while maintaining a consistent, knowledgable, and reassuring presence. He was with me from the beginning of the album production all the way through the end, three years later. Among other things, Peter suggested adding the tambourine.”

— Alek Vila

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vocals, guitars, and keyboards by Alek Vila
drums by Moises Padilla
bass by Jeff Eason
backing vocals by Karlie Markendorf
produced by Peter Fosso
recorded by Scott Ross, Elliot Bay Recording Co.
mastered by Steve Hall, Future Disc Systems

©2012 Racing Heart Records