She’s tryin’ to reach me on the phone, but
When I call her there’s nobody home.

She hasn’t left the planet, but
She ain’t here.

She’s wasted.

She wants me to meet her in the park.
She walks away and gets lost in the dark.

She takes my love for granted.
Makes a mess a habit.

She’s wasted.

She don’t know where we are.
She wonders why everything’s so far.

She covers up her ears,
So she can’t hear me.

She’s wasted.
She’s wasted.
She’s wasted!

lyrics by Alek Vila
©2012 Racing Heart Records

“This song is served raw. A lot of passion went into this production, and it’s really simple. It’s rock. It’s about a girl that drove me crazy with her partying, and you can tell by the way the song sounds that there was also some fun.

Drummer Moises Padilla picked up the vibe immediately. He needed no coaching. Jason Goessl’s awesome guitar noise was recorded in a temporary recording session. We didn’t experiment very much. The rehearsal take was just right, so we decided to keep it. I recorded the crunchy acoustic and electric guitar parts early and didn’t change them.

I mixed this album with the generous advice of recording engineer Scott Ross. Scott did an amazing job recording the drums, bass, and lead vocals for this song. I had no previous experience mixing raw recordings of a multitracked drum kit, and it did not come easy! Scott sat with me patiently one day, checked my mixes in progress, and advised me. I listened hard and went back to my studio and spent months getting the elements of the album dialed into place. During the mixing phase Scott and producer Peter Fosso checked my work and offered encouragement and constructive feedback.

Major thanks to Steve Hall at Future Disc Mastering for helping to bring the drums out of the mix when we got to the mastering stage. I love the way this record sounds!”

— Alek Vila

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vocals, guitars, and keyboards by Alek Vila
drums by Moises Padilla
bass by Jeff Eason
lead guitar by Jason Goessl
produced by Peter Fosso
recorded by Scott Ross, Elliot Bay Recording Co.
mastered by Steve Hall, Future Disc Systems

©2012 Racing Heart Records