I walked out this morning to meet you again after
So many years since we lived in that den.
You got married, and you’ve flown around the world.
You got your girl.

You seem happy, and I’m happy for you, and you
Sit on the other side telling me that I’m blue. Well, we
Each have our own way we’re goin’, and
Our own way to show it.

“Settle down,” you used to say,
“But don’t settle,” and my
Aim has taken me so far away from you.
Do you wonder where I’ve gone away to?
Passing right through.

There’s a world that I’ve found. I’ve
Stepped right up to it. I
Left my thoughts open to what I could do in it.
Even though sometimes you think that I’m cold,
I am the witness to our shining souls.

We go from one special place to another, and
We’ve had some good times that I’ll always remember.
I’ll savor those moments on the days I forget how to play.

There’s a world that we share. We
Stepped right up to it. We
Left our thoughts open to what we could do in it, and
Even though sometimes you think that I’m cold,
I am the witness to our shining souls.

In all that we do I know there is something that
Each of us gets from whatever we’re doing. Now I
Don’t know where you’re going to, but I
Trust that you do.

lyrics by Alek Vila
©2012 Racing Heart Records

“The song was written a couple of years before most of the others. I enjoy the 3/4 time. It lends itself naturally to story-telling. The lyric is speaking to an old friend. I acknowledge and accept our separation, and I celebrate the good times. It’s a song about letting go and moving forward with gratitude.

The way the production came together surprised me. I bought an accordion right around the time I wrote this song, but I didn’t know it at the time that I would be recording the accordion on this song. In fact, I didn’t even make time to noodle around on the accordion for months.

When I was finally recording parts for the album, I was sitting my studio wondering what to do for this song. I saw the accordion sitting in its case and decided to try it out. I play a very simple part because a) it’s all I know how to do and b) it sounds great.

Then, I had a similar experience with distorted electric piano. I had just bought the Rhodes only months before it was recorded. Running it through my guitar amplifier on overdrive, the Rhodes has an awesome funk tone. When I blended the electric piano with the accordion, the song picked up energy. I wanted this song to feel both melancholy and uplifting because that’s what I felt when I was writing it. It’s bittersweet, like life.

Drummer Moises Padilla and bass Jeff Eason deserve serious praise for being able to follow my scratch recording and play together months apart through the wonders of multitrack audio. I played my acoustic guitar loosely around the beat because I wanted a sound that conveyed the wandering spirit of the lyric. These guys are so talented that they were able to retain the feeling and lock in on the smeared pulse.”

— Alek Vila

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vocals, guitars, and keyboards by Alek Vila
drums by Moises Padilla
bass by Jeff Eason
produced by Peter Fosso
recorded by Scott Ross, Elliot Bay Recording Co.
mastered by Steve Hall, Future Disc Systems

©2012 Racing Heart Records